Campus Program Overview

The Radiologic Science Department’s Regional program allows you to pursue a degree in the advanced medical imaging specialties, such as Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiation Therapy, Radiologist Assistant and Advanced Radiologic Sciences with an emphasis in Mammography, CT, MRI, and other specialties.

As a student in the campus program you will come to WSU’s Ogden campus approximately four-five times during the semester for intensive classroom sessions. You complete clinical work at a site you're assigned to, and WSU faculty members monitor your progress through a clinical competency validation system in partnership with your site and designated medical professionals.

Course assignments and communication with instructors are submitted through e-mail, US Postal Service and fax. Exams are taken using Chi Tester, WSU’s online testing system.

Although these programs are managed through WSU's Continuing Education, students are considered full-time, on-campus WSU students. As such, you are eligible for federal financial aid.


Due to the radiography program’s success in other states, WSU became the recognized educational center in radiologic imaging. Hospitals began to approach the university, requesting programs in advanced specialty areas to help with critical manpower shortages. 

For additional information please contact Alicia Ambrose at 801.626.6329 or