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Undergraduate Research Report

Student Report

1-2 pages identify

  • the overall success of your project, did it go as planned, why or why not
  • the most significant outcomes of this research project in terms of your academic and/or professional growth
  • how you have or will publicly share the results of this project (i.e., the date and audience for an oral presentation, anticipated time line for submitting a written article for publication, etc) NOTE: you are encouraged to present at the WSU Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held each spring.
  • your advice for other students who wish to an undergraduate research project
  • your overall reaction to receiving the undergraduate research funds

Faculty Report

1-2 pages identify

  • the role you played in this undergraduate research project
  • the impact this project had on your student(s) and/or professional growth
  • any words of advice for faculty who wish to mentor undergraduate research projects
  • your overall reaction to the availability of undergraduate research funds

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