How to Apply for a Research Grant


Attend Grant Workshop

Short and long term grant applicants are required to attend a mandatory workshop on preparing a successful research proposal before submitting a grant to the OUR office. 

Check Timeline Items on Grant Application

  • 3 Weeks -1 Month Before Proposal is Due:

    Submit proposal for review by IRB or IACUC (if applicable)

  • 2 Weeks Before Proposal is Due:

    Make an appointment and meet with your Mentor and have him or her sign the proposal by this date.

  • 1 Week Before Proposal is Due:

    Make and appointment and meet with your Committee Representative.  All signatures should be obtained by this point.

Review Your Work

Make any final revisions necessary, keeping your mentor's and your comittee rep's suggestions in mind.


Submit your proposal with the signature page to the Office of Undergraduate Research by 5:00 pm on the deadline.  Complete the online submission process.  You will be contacted regarding your grant proposal approximately two weeks after the deadline.


More Information

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