2012 Funded Grants

Applied Science & Technology

Arts & Humanities

"Weber State Studio's 14 Weeks of Summer" 
Castleberry Jr., Paul, Krystal Garner and Kiersten Voorhees Communications

"Ririe-Woodbury, Move-It Intensive" 
Rafael, Rololfo Performing Arts

Bachelor of Integrated Studies

"Antidepressants and Immune Response:  an Experiment on Chronically Stressed Mice" 
Haws, Sterling and Matt Fullmer Microbiology, Chemistry, Neuroscience


"The Effects of Supplementation of Fish Oil on C-Reactive Protein in Obese, Exercising Women"
Spedding, Sarah HPHP

"Sensor Aided Identification of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury"
Vlahos, Tiffany and Skyler Gallegos HPHP

"The Examination of Physiological Biomarkers Related to Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) in Women's Collegiate Soccer"
Howell, Aubrea HPHP

"The Impact of College Football on the Health of the Brain:  A Longitudinal Across Two Seasons"
Siepert, Haiden HPHP, Athletic Training

"Establishing Two Point Discrimiation for Cranial Nerve 5"
Williamson, Kristie HPHP, Athletic Training

Health Professions

"Rapid Bacterial Detection in Platelet Units Using Limulus Amebocyte Lysate" College of Health Professions"
Briscoe, Adam, Brittnee Folllum, and Meischa Dyer Medical Laboratory Sciences

"Effects of Glucose on Swarming Motility of Proteus mirabilis"
Emal, Karlee and Scott Chamberlain Medical Laboratory Sciences

"Comparison of Tooth soap and Crest Toothpaste on General Oral Health"
Greenhalgh, Anja, Jolette Neeley and Ron Bettridge Medical Laboratory Sciences, Dental Hygiene"

"Alpha-1 Antitrypsin and the Diagnosis of Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction"
John, Richard, Justin Anderson and Megan Hirschi Medical Laboratory Science

"Variations of Glucose Metabolism in Group O and Non-O Blood Types"
Odle, Britton, Callie Odle and Danny Savage Medical Laboratory Sciences

"Evaluation of Essential Oils for Surface Disinfecting"
Sorenson, Sherry, Amy Baltes and Brian Birch Medical Laboratory Science

"Synergistic Effects of Essential Oils and Antimicrobials Against Bacterial Pathogens"
Wilcox, Ryan, Dana Larsen, and Tyler Webb Medical Laboratory Science

"How is the Infant Mortality Rate in Ghana Affected by the Availability of Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment and Education?"
Julander, Joseph Pete Respiratory Therapy


"The Importance of DNA Evidence Packaging"
Augsburger, Rachel Microbiology and Criminal Justice

"The First Bee Survey of Snow Canyon State Park"
Corbin, Andrew Zoology

"Tamarisk Removal in the Grand Canyon: A Biological Opinion Survey"
Sutton, Molly Botany

"Antibiotic Resistance of Enterococci from Hypersaline and Fresh Water"
Badley, Ashley and Jennifer Jorgenson Microbiology

"Interaction of Chytrid Fungus and Normal Skin Biota in Amphibians"
Nagao, Scott Microbiology

"Bacteria Associated with Brine Shrimp Cysts"
Vachon, Hilary and Seth Peterson Microbiology and Zoology

"Determination of Microbial Populations in a Synthetic Turf System"
Bass, Jason Microbiology

"Using GIS to Document Sand Dune Movement and Change in the San Fagael Desert, Southeastern Utah"
Berghout, Tabitha Geosciences

"Characterization of Salt Tolerance of Halophilic Bacteria Isolated from the Great Salt Lake"
Hunt, Sean Microbiology

"Chimeral Induction of Astrophytum Myriostigma:  Protoplast Versus Suspension Culture"
Jeffrey, Richard Landon Botany

"Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteriophage that Infect Halomonas"
Johnson, Lauren Microbiology

"Isomorphic Graphs in Graph Theory"
McKinney, Eric Botany 

"Presence of Sesquiterpene Lactones in Local Plant Species"

Nelson, Taylor Mathematics

"Gas Chromatography Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters from Chlorella Vulgaris Algae"
Nybo, Justin Chemistry

"Pollinators of the Endagered Dwarf Bear-Poppy (Arctomecon Humilis)"
Shaw, Tyler Jay Zoology

"Improving the Success and Diversity of Native Re-Plantings for River Restorations"
Walker, Ronnamay Botany

"Sedimentology and Petrology of the Moroni Formation, Sanpete Valley, Utah"
Lemmon, Julianne Geosciences

"Investigating a Potential Hybrid Zone in Fence Lizards"
Shaney, Kyle Zoology

Social & Behavioral Sciences

"The Effect of Cortisol on Auditory Processing and Perception"
Feller, Daniel Psychology

"The Secret Informant Deep Throat in American Popular Culture"
Padilla, Travis History

"Aeolian Sedimentation and Climatic Implications of the Bruneau Dunes, Idaho"
Bell, Richard Geography

"The History of Alberta Hunt Nicholson"
Childs, Benjamin History

"The History of the Uyghurs, 1950s to 1991"
Crookston, Ian History

"Possible Correlation between Hormone Levels and Postpartum Depression"
Crowther, Jared Psychology

"Connections to Home:  WWII Servicemen"
Greenhalgh, Paul History

"History of the Telephone in Ogden Utah from 1880-1911"
Hunter, Kyle History

"Changing Strategiew for Combating the Meth Epidemic, 1988-2010"
Loken, James History

"Group Performance:  Decreasing Stress and Understanding Human Performance Connectivity"
Clark, ShayLynne Psychology

"The History of the christian Reformed Church of Ogden, 1957-2002"
Hepworth, Steven History

"History of the "Americal Chromatic Revolution," 1920s-1930s"
Limb, Matthew History

"Effects of Mental Activity on BDNF in Healthy Adult Males"
Russet, Andrew Psychology

"Effct of Docosaheaxaenoic Acid (DHA) on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Obese Exercising Women"
Zenger, Anthony, Kenton Cummins, Annie Banz and Ben Saxey HPHP 




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