2011 Funded Grants

Applied Science & Technology

"Susceptibility of Stress Corrosion Cracking on Laser Peen Aircraft alloy steels"
Gimbal, Ryan MMET

"Autopilot Development, for Use in UAS Research"
Chambers, Shayne MMET

"Wildlife Observation Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, Market Feasibility Study"
Colvin, Alicia MMET

"Aireborne Geolocating Photography Platform for Analysis in Wildlife Observation"
Gentry, Amanda MMET

"How does machi ne Feed Rate and Anodizing Effect Fatigue Life"
Jones, Robert, Lance Wood, Nick Soter and Brian Sorensen MMET

Arts & Humanities

"The Value in Genes"
Reeve, Jamie Visual Communications
View the results of Jamie's project on her blog: thevalueingenes.blogspot.com

Business & Economics

"MFI Research in Kyetume Uganda"
Wu, Yuesi



"Subcellular Pathogen Fractionation as a Method for Chitinase Induction"
Ogden, Aaron Botany

"Effects of Denervation on Zebra Finch Syrinx Morphology"
Christensen, Linsey

"Comparative Genetic Analysis of Drosophilia Telomeres"
Cox, Haylie

"Impact of Human Recreation on Flammulated Owls (Otus flammeolus) in Snowbasin and Mantua"
Earley, Austin

"The Role of UV Reflectance in Speed Dispersal by Ants"
Goff, Zachary

"Plant Species Occurrence in Utah's Diverse Habitats"
Hajarian, Sheida

"Correlation of Intestinal Peptide Transporter Expression to Indices of Growth"
Hansen, Stephanie

"Hind Limb Muscle Fiber Type Composition of North American Raptors"
Jensen, Brayden

"Optimization of Media in the Propagation of Bacteriophage"
McLean, Trevor

"Carbohydrate Usage by Salinivibrio Isolates from the Great Salt Lake"
Staples, Adam

"Genetic Archiving of Two Intestinal Amino Acid Transporters"
Titmus, Debbie

"Cataloging Uinta Macrofungi Along an Elevational Gradient"
Van Leer, Jace

"Development of Zebra Finch Syrix Muscle Morphology"
Weitzeil, Michael

Social & Behavioral Sciences

"Understanding the Relationship between Sleep Cycles and Autistic Symptomology"
Hicks, Trevor





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