Entry Options

There are four entry options into the School of Nursing. Two lead to licensure by examination at the practical nursing (PN) and associate’s degree (RN) levels. 
  • Registered Nurse (AS): In this option, you must complete two years of study. If selected for associate’s degree nursing, you may take the NCLEX-PN through the equivalency clause in the Utah Nurse Practice Act at completion of your first year. The additional year of course work entitles you to take the National Council of State Boards of Nursing licensure examination as a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN).
  • PN to AS/AAS (PN to RN): This entry option is open to LPNs or those who are NCLEX-eligible as a practical nurse in the state of Utah. Entering students enroll for the second year of the nursing program, and graduates take the NCLEX-RN at completion of this curricular year.
  • RN to BSN: Only RNs have the option of achieving the bachelor’s degree in nursing. Provided you meet admission criteria, you may directly enter the section of the program after graduation from the associate’s degree level. Also, RNs from other associate’s degree or diploma programs, or those who have been out of school, can enter the RN to BSN option. A two-year upper-division curriculum rounds out the nursing program at this level.
  • MSN: The MSN program is designed to prepare nurse administrators, college-level nursing faculty, and nurse educators employed within healthcare facilities. The concentrations of Nurse Leader: Executive and Nurse Leader: Educator will prepare students for advanced careers in nursing. Both concentrations are specifically intended for individuals with nursing experience who want to advance their careers as nurse administrators or nurse educators.