Portfolio Coordination Meeting

April 23, 2013

Excused: Jonathan (Luke as backup), Peter (Levi as backup), Ron

Item 1

Review of open position postings and statuses

  • Peter - IT Web Designer
  • Ron - Application Developer
  • Ron - Project Analyst
  • Nicole - PPMO Coordinator
  • Shelly - Davis Support #3
  • Allison - Technical Support Specialist

Item 2

Problem Management review

Item 3

 Ad-hoc topics

Item 4

            Student (Denise)
Student (Denise)
Support Ops (Allison)
System Admin (Nate)
 Web Management (Peter)
Academic (Shelly)
Administrative (Ron)





Information Security (Andrea)





Lynx and DBA (Mark)
Data Center and QA Services (Heidi)
NCIS (Jonathan)
PPMO (Nicole)
VP for IT (Bret)








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