Retirement Information


If you are enrolled in the Utah State Retirement System (Tier 1) WSU will contribute at a rate of 16.68% of your annual gross earnings. (Based on non-contributory program.)  Also, WSU will pay 1.5% of your annual gross earnings into a 401(k), Defined Contributions Plan. Click here for Defined Benefit Brochure.

For Utah State Retirement System Tier 2 information, click here.

For detailed steps on retirement through URS, click here.

If you are enrolled in the TIAA-CREF WSU will contribute at the rate of 14.2% of your annual gross earnings.  

For more information on benefits for Retired Personnel -- See PPMs 3-42 and 3-45

Supplemental retirement options are available. Please contact Travis Hampshire by E-mail or call 801-626-6648.

If you would like to enroll in TIAA-CREF supplemental retirement online, please visit

  • Once you have completed the online enrollment form please print and send a copy of your confirmation page to HR.  You will also need to complete the Salary Reduction Agreement form in HR.