HPHP Student Spotlight

Tony Combe is majoring in Athletic Therapy

What is your home town, and what is something interesting about it?

West Haven. It is considered and old farm town community, but in actuality it doesn’t have much farm left.

Why did you choose to come to Weber State?

Honestly, they offered me a great scholarship and I was swayed to stay around. The close proximity to my home also helped with my decision.

Tell us your biggest accomplishment or favorite memory (or both) from your time at Weber State

I was nominated for a Crystal Crest Award. At the time, I had no idea what it was, or who had nominated me. Later, I found out that it was quite an honor to be nominated, so that let me know I was doing something right.

My favorite memory(ies) would have to be my time spent helping other students achieve their goals. I have had the opportunity to be a lab instructor, SI leader, and a tutor and I thoroughly enjoyed these experiences.

What are your plans after graduation?

Sleep! You would be amazed at the sleep debt I have incurred these past few years of my education at Weber State. However, after that, I will prepare myself for the application process for medical schools.

How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Can I use the sleep answer again? I am one of those people that has a constant hunger for knowledge. I am fascinated with the world around me and I enjoy reading all the research, especially pioneering research in the medical field. I also enjoy building and enhancing computers, random Tennis matches, occasional video games, TV shows and movies, and of course, sleep!

Tell us about your activities outside of school (community service, hobbies, etc)

Recently, I have been volunteering at McKay Dee Hospital and it has been a great experience. I also am a Webelo’s scout leader and I find that as my most difficult challenge since I have no idea how to increase the attention span of a 10 year old. However, I do get to have an excuse for awesome projects such as building catapults and water bottle rocket launchers. I am also an active member of my community and I have helped with Easter Egg Hunts, Fourth of July celebrations, Christmas parades, etc. I am also an active member of my church and currently I am serving as a Class instructor for the Elders Quorum.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we don’t know.

I can’t dance. Shocker, I know. Just as well I guess, since I am sure nobody wants to see a fat guy do the tango. Moving on, the two things that most people don’t know about me is that I have two titanium alloy rods in my back and right after I graduated high school I took 8th place in the nation for Medical Spelling. I figure these make up for the inability to dance.