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The Weber State University English Department boasts an assortment of opportunities for students to showcase and publish their work. In addition, the department hosts the nation's only undergraduate literature conference which brings together the world leading writers for a week-long series of events. Best-selling writers work directly with undergraduate students on their work and share best practices.


Metaphor is an annual interdisciplinary journal created entirely by undergraduate students which publishes art, fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, poetry, music, dance, theatre and other artistic media. Metaphor's chief aim is to facilitate an environment that encourages students at Weber State University to express their ideas through literature and the arts.

National Undergraduate Literature Conference (NULC)

In 1985, English Professors Mikel Vause and Michael Meyer had an idea to organize a conference unique in requesting submissions from undergraduates only, thus giving the undergraduate an opportunity to present papers both critical and creative, to an audience of peers from campuses across the country.

That same year, their idea became the National Undergraduate Literature Conference, and since 1985, NULC continues with the same mission, attracting some of the finest undergraduate students from every state to present their papers and to hear some of most important writers in contemporary literature.

Recent visiting writers have included:
Ron Carlson
Lisa Lenard-Cook
Bret Anthony-Johnston

Weber The Contemporary West

Deriving from the German word weben - to weave - weber translates into the literal and figurative "weaver' of textiles and texts. Weber (the word is the same in singular and plural) are the artisans of textures and discourse, the artists of the beautiful fabricating the warp and weft of language into ever-changing patterns. Weber, the journal, understands itself as a tapestry of verbal and visual texts, a weave made from the threads of words and images.

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