What To Do When You Are Injured At Work

Step 1
Medical Treatment

Is Your Injury an Emergency?

If your injury is an emergency, meaning it is a threat to life or limb, have someone take you to the nearest emergency room or call 911. Your supervisor should accompany you to the emergency room.

Is Your Injury Due to a Blood Borne Exposure?

If your injury is due to a blood borne exposure, review & follow WSU's Post-Exposure Procedures.
Contact EH&S with any questions related to blood borne exposures at 801-626-7823 or 801-626-7547.

Did Your Injury Occur in Utah?

(*Hours vary by location. Consult IHC websites linked below for specific facility hours)
Between 7:30 am – 5:30 pm*: Report to the nearest IHC WorkMed. 
Your supervisor should go with you to IHC WorkMed.
Between 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm*: Report to the nearest IHC InstaCare.
Your supervisor should go with you to IHC InstaCare.

Between 9:00 pm – 7:30 am*: First determine if your injury is an emergency or not:
  • If your injury is a non-emergency wait until 7:30 am to go to the nearest Work Med. This will most likely save you time, because others who have a emergency will be seen before you. It will also prevent excessive costs and possibly some extra paperwork. Your supervisor should go with you to Work Med.
  • If your injury is an emergency have someone take you to the nearest emergency room or call 911. Your supervisor should accompany you to the emergency room.

Did Your Injury Occur Outside of Utah?

Go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 as the situation warrants. Use the local phone book to find the location of the nearest emergency room.

What do I Need to Tell the Doctor?

When you are treated for a work related injury tell the doctor you were injured while working at Weber State University. Tell the doctor your work duties so the doctor can determine if you need modified care. It can be helpful if you take a copy of your job description with you when being treated.

What if I Don’t Want to Seek Medical Attention?

If you don’t wish to seek medical treatment you still need to report the incident to your supervisor and fill out the Incident Reporting Form within the first 24 hours following the incident. This is helpful if you change your mind and choose to be seen at a later time.

What if Didn’t Receive Medical Care Right Away and Now I Want to be Seen by a Doctor?

You can still be seen by a doctor. There might additional complications and delays. Workers Compensation Fund may need to do a more in-depth review of your case. Your supervisor should go with you to Work Med.


Step 2
Report Incident

Report Your Injury to Your Supervisor.

Report your injury to your supervisor and fill out the Injured Person Incident Reporting Form as soon as possible. In most cases this means within the first 24 hours. Even if you do not receive medical treatment you need to fill out the Individual Report of Incident form. 

There is also a report for your supervisor to fill out.

Make sure to give details as to how the incident occurred such as weather conditions if you were outside or if the floor was wet from a leaking pipe or if you didn’t notice an item in your path.

Report Your Injury to the WSU’s insurance coordinator within 24 hours.

Report your injury to WSU’s insurance coordinator by mailing the Incident Reporting Forms to Dept 2621 (full address listed below) or by faxing it to (801) 626-8530 within 24 hours of your injury, if at all possible.

We need to supply Workers Compensation Fund the information regarding your injury within a timely manner to be compliant with the Labor Commission of Utah.


Step 3
Corrective Measures

Correct unsafe conditions

Correcting unsafe working conditions which contribute to incidents can prevent serious injuries to yourself and others. Your supervisor should be able to help you correct an unsafe condition.

If you need further assistance contact our Occupational Safety Specialist at:

Workers Compensation Coordinator
Environmental Health & Safety
3700 Skyline Parkway Dept 2621
Ogden, Utah 84408-2621

Additional information can be found at the Workers Compensation Fund website: http://www.wcfgroup.com

Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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