KWCR 88.1 Weber FM

Learn how media operations are run in the competitive media world

What is KWCR 88.1 Weber FM?

The student staff runs the day-to-day operation of this television station with about 50 volunteer announcers who come from all areas of the university. They include majors from communication, business, marketing, English, management, computer science, electronic engineering, pre-law, and social work, just to name a few. Each student has a unique opportunity to be involved in the operation of the station. KWCR 88.1 FM offers hands-on experience in sales, promotion, public speaking, business management, research, marketing, and other commercial activities.

What You Will Learn

The staff at KWCR 88.1 Weber FM also gains an insight with respect to how a media operation is run in the competitive media world. With the ability to operate the station similar to a commercial station, students gain a unique set of skills and insights needed to compete in the job market after leaving Weber State.

At KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, everyone is free to be involved in most every aspect of our operation. Students learn management skills, organizational techniques, interpersonal communication, public relations skills and much more. Remember, KWCR 88.1 Weber FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the responsibility for accomplishing this feat lies in the dedication of its student operators. The knowledge acquired through these activities prepares each student with the abilities to become more successful in all aspects of life.

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