Student Research

About Undergraduate Student Research

Undergraduate research includes scholarly and creative activities conducted by undergraduate students, in collaboration with faculty mentors, for the purpose of examining, creating or sharing knowledge or works in ways consistent with practices within Communication. Participating in undergraduate research increases your marketability for graduate and professional school and employment. You have the opportunity to apply theories you learn in the classroom to "real world" problems and questions. Your skill set improves—including critical thinking, problem solving and more.

Student Research Presented

Communication students participate yearly by presenting research at undergraduate research conferences on a local, state, regional and national level.

National Conference for Undergraduate Research

2013: Paul Castleberry, Jr.
2013: Sasha Seegmiller
2012: Jessica Kagie

Utah Capitol on the Hill

2013: Krystal Garner
2013: Samantha Ramsey

Utah Conference for Undergraduate Research

2011: Craig Halbasch
2011: Kate Pawloski
2011: Kelsey Podlesny

Weber State Research Symposium and Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research

2013: Spencer Arave
2013: Hanna Baskerville
2013: Amy Fiscus
2011: Rebecca Briesmaster
2011: Nikki VanOverbeck
2011: Shawna Rowley
2011: Kelsey Podlesny
2011: Kate Pawloski
2011: Craig Halbasch

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