The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) adopted the INTASC standards in August 2002 for the standards for new teachers to meet in order to move from a Provisional to a Professional Educator License. The Weber State Teacher Education program then adopted these standards as program standards in the Fall of 2002 and began work restructuring the program to align with these standards.

Prior to July 2005, the USOE had not required beginning teachers to test for licensure. Weber State University's teacher education program will require all students to test in their major and minor areas beginning this fall 2004. Candidates for Special Education - mild-moderate licensure at Weber State University will be required to take the Praxis II Education of Exceptional Students: Core Content Knowledge (0354). More information can be found on the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Praxis website.

Weber State University’s special education program is housed within and is an integral part of the Teacher Education department. The special education program prepares individuals to teach pupils with mild to moderate disabilities. Under the Utah guidelines, pupils with mild to moderate disabilities participate in the general curriculum according to an individualized program and are not in need of a functional or life-skills curriculum.

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